The FlirtyFridays Code of Conduct

We have enforced a few rules for our FlirtyFridays Supper Club to ensure our immersive dining experiences will exert a bigger impact on the wider community.

  1. Do not text on your smartphone during the dinner, but focus on the conversation with others instead.

  2. Do not sit next to someone you already know. As the aim is to meet new people (besides enjoying the food), we encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and sit next to people you don’t already know (this includes your spouse/partner!).

Our idea is simple and will always remain to be so: to bring together like-minded, amazing individuals over a fantastic meal and fun and engaging banter. Our mission is to ignite meaningful conversation between individuals who don’t ordinarily have the opportunity to meet one another.

With more than 50+ supper clubs hosted, we are proud to say that each and everyone of our dinner parties have resulted in new, meaningful connections being made. We hope to continue to keep this tradition running as we continue to enhance our services and grow our membership base for the city’s most interesting and finest individuals.