The Ushering Of A New Social Dining Movement

"Neither restaurant nor dinner party, but both at once."

Cheers to those who have taken the time to read my first entry. It is here that I will begin documenting the evolution and journey of the FlirtyFridays movement, amongst many other ancillary topics that spark my soul and I believe are noteworthy.

So, how to begin. As a creator at heart who genuinely enjoys connecting people and ideas over a hearty communal meal cooked with much love, it is my vision to usher into the world a new social dining movement. A movement that seeks to foster new social connections between like-minded individuals from diverse fields, in real life again.

FlirtyFridays began in my living room, with my love for bringing my friends who didn’t know one another together and subjecting them to my culinary creations in the form of a shared meal.

It then quickly evolved into a supper club as friends, having enjoyed their first experience, brought new friends along each time to meet new faces, exchange life stories and engage in endless conversation over great wine and rustic food.

From day one, my supper clubs have had a no smartphone policy (during the dinners at least). It means a lot to me to be able to create an experience for busy urbanites where they can take a momentarily pause in their lives, and come up close with the magic of slowing down to enjoy life and truly connect with those around us – all without technological interference.

Amazed by the relationships formed and everlasting impact from each FlirtyFridays supper club, I am prepared to embark on a journey to recreate such mind-blowing experiences everywhere.

Along with other passionate cooks who share a similar vision, we are on a mission to revolutionise the way people connect and build relationships through bespoke and intimate dinner parties that combine art, culture and cuisine.