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A Love Affair with Seafood by Chef Chris Tuthill (SOLD OUT - wait list available)

  • Hous 522 Lockhart Road, Level 4 Causeway Bay Hong Kong (map)

NOTE: Sorry all, this event has been extremely popular and all the spots have been filled. Please DM me to reserve a spot on the waitlist or sign up for the next supper club on 29th March or 12th April.

Hola All!

This FlirtyFridays event is special. Why? Namely, it’ll be the first time where I won’t be sporting an apron and spearheading the culinary ‘job’. Instead, I’ll be playing more of the key role as a ‘hostess’ and as a sous chef.

Sous to who? Well, let me present to you the accomplished Chef Chris Tuthill. Born and brought up in America, Chris has been in Hong Kong for five years now and his culinary resume involves cooking in some of San Francisco’s most innovative kitchens (such as Boulevard). With a down-to-earth attitude and affable personality, his cooking ethos revolves revolves around three words: simplicity, fresh ingredients, perfection. During his 13 years in San Francisco, Chris immersed himself in the vibrant farm-to-table and slow food movements, both – as you shall soon see – has greatly influenced his style of cooking.

To save you from BYO fuss, the wine this time will come from Wine Brothers, who will introduce you to the untapped world of small batch Australian boutique wines. The very nature of smaller scale production means that the winemakers behind the wines are not commercially driven and thus are able to explore the true potential of the fruit and limitless processing options, free from the constraints of old-world tradition.


Albacore Ceviche (Pear, cucumber, red onion)

Cioppino Stew (Clams, prawns, crab meat)

Chorizo and Clams (Grilled octopus, papas bravas)

Fritto Misto (Calamari, fennel, pumpkin, horseradish aioli)

Beetroot Salad (Butter lettuce, watercress, ranch dressing)

Balsamic mushrooms with Thyme

Uni Risotto With Seared Scallops

An assortment of artisanal French cheeses and organic fruit platter

Perfecting his craft!

Perfecting his craft!


Price: 1200HKD (includes wine and an assortment of drinks).

  • Bank account: HSBC 491-676524-833

  • Name: Yin Lai Michelle Tang

  • Payme app: +852 67670663

Dress Code: Smart and Sassy

Time: 730pm welcome drinks start. Dinner will start around 815pm. Conversation will flow, drinks will go on, party will end late.

For those keen to attend, as the ideal dinner party size is roughly 10-12 people to ensure a degree of intimacy, please reserve your spot by completing the below form and wiring payment to my HSBC account or using the Payme App (+852 67670663), followed by a whatsapp to tell me it’s been done.

ATTENDANCE FORM (To be completed along with payment)

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