Frequently Asked Questions

About flirtyfridays

What is a FlirtyFridays dinner party?

FlirtyFridays are a series of curated and immersive social dining experiences designed to connect like-minded individuals in an authentic and convivial manner.

FlirtyFridays reimagines the traditional intimate dinner party scenario and transforms it into a magical evening to remember with new genuine connections being formed each time. Through meticulously curating all elements that help form this immersive dining experience – the chef, venue, artists, and the intimate guest list – FlirtyFridays has built a trusted social dining community whereby chefs and diners can express their true, authentic selves and connect meaningfully with other engaged patrons without any smartphone distraction.

To keep the dinner party intimate, the number of guests typically ranges from 14-16. This may vary, however, depending on the venue (i.e. some homes will only be able to host for 10 persons) and the occasion.

How did FlirtyFridays begin?
FlirtyFridays is the brainchild of Michelle, a passionate self-taught home cook who loves bringing friends together over a communal home-cooked meal in an intimate setting. This avocation of hers started in 2016 when she cooked a meal for six friends in her modest living room. Through word-of-mouth, Michelle’s supper clubs have now blossomed into a small and growing global community with pop ups in Singapore, Sydney and most recently, London.

A creator and curious spirit at heart, Michelle is perpetually seeking to enhance the dining experience for her guests, and has stated to introduce different culinary talents and artists to create an entertaining and unique atmosphere which will help facilitate new, meaningful connections between her guests in a manner that is authentic and convivial.

Is FlirtyFridays for singles only?

No. Despite the “Flirty” adjective, one need not be single. As recognised by Aristotle, human beings are social animals and always crave a positive response from the opposite sex. Healthy flirting itself is the act of making someone feel good, boosting their self-esteem and confidence – all while having fun doing so. Whether you are in a relationship or single, it is important to know how to flirt and to bring out the playfulness of our hidden “inner child” as this helps to reduce stress levels. Not only will this improve health and mental well-being, it will also aid in forming better relationships with others. In no way should this be misconstrued as a method to manipulate others or attract sexual attention.

What happens at a FlirtyFridays supper club?

No FlirtyFridays dinner party will ever be the same. Menus are never repeated, nor will you see the same guests each time. While each and every supper club will be unique, there is a certain format that each dining experience strictly adheres to.

Upon arrival, guests will be greeted by the host with a welcome drink to help break the ice amongst other patrons (while waiting for other late comers). After the initial mingling session – which typically lasts 40 minutes – guests will then be requested to seat themselves along the dining table. The chef will then introduce him or herself and their dishes for the evening before the meal begins. Some FlirtyFridays will include wine pairing, while for the oenophile stream, it will be BYOB with a wine theme.

We often requests guests to alternate two seatings throughout the evening so that they have a chance to meet and connect with as many other patrons as possible. During the dinner party, we also ask guests to refrain from checking their smartphones as this will allow them to remain fully present and engage with others in person.

What is the social mission for FlirtyFridays?

FlirtyFridays is built on the belief that food being served on a dining table is the best medium for fostering new, authentic bonds between people who don’t know one another. After all, food does not discriminate between race, religion, sex or beliefs and eating is something most of us all enjoy and share in common.

By hosting a series of intimate dinner parties amongst different communities, we are helping to fuel social inclusion in cities whereby a large proportion of its incumbents are often lonely, stressed and feel disconnected with others. Despite technology has enabled us to connect with others more readily, there is simply no substitute to connecting and build rapport with people in flesh.


How can I attend a FlirtyFridays dinner party?

Once you have registered in our sign up form, you can simply apply to any of the upcoming events featured in your city to attend. Once you’ve applied to attend an upcoming event and paid, our local team will select the guests and you will receive a written confirmation via email to confirm your spot.

Can I bring a friend?

Despite all these social networking apps, the best way to meet new people are still through friends of friends and as spoken by the wise Julia Childs, “the best people are the ones who love to eat”!. As such, we are more than happy for you to invite a friend or two. Simply add it in the remarks on the event form and ask your friends to register as well.

How do I confirm my seat?

If selected, you will receive an email invitation which will prompt you to buy your ticket to secure your space. Due to the limited amount of seats, you will only have a limited amount of time (24 hours or so) to confirm your space.

When will I find out about the venue and artists playing?

If the venue is a private kitchen or public space, this will be announced on the event form. Shall the occasion arise when the venue will be hosted at people’s private homes, we need to ensure privacy and will keep the location secret to everyone but confirmed guests. Confirmed guests will receive an email with the location at least 36 hours prior to the supper club.

Our teams hand-pick only the best in up-and-coming culinary talent and artists (music, standup comedian, etc). As such, we urge you to come with an open mind and be prepared to be amazed by the immersive experience.


How do I apply to cook for a FlirtyFridays supper club?

If you are a professional chef or a talented home cook interested in showcasing your culinary talent to a select audience, simply write to us here. Your application will go directly to the curation team in the city you’ve requested to cook in. If we feel you have what it takes to impress our discerning patrons, we will get in touch with you to arrange for a trial meal before setting you up for your first supper club.

How much are chefs compensated?

Chef compensation varies by city and country as well as skill level. Chefs will either get paid a fixed amount per head for labour and a budget for ingredient costs or a lump sum inclusive of both labour and food costs.

Can I cook more than once?

Yes. You will receive feedback after each supper club and provided you are well liked, you can cook as many times as your heart desires as at each supper club, the audience will be different.

Can I use the photos and video footage of the events on my own social media?

Absolutely. Our goal is to promote your story and your culinary talent. As such, we are more than happy for you to disseminate the creatives we produce on your own social media handles as long as you reference and hashtag us.


How do I perform at a FlirtyFridays supper club?

If you are an artist and wish to showcase your talent, simply submit your application to us. Should we feel like you will make a great fit for our events, someone from our team will get back to you.

What type of ‘art’ will you consider? Does it have to be music?

We are open-minded and will entertain a wide variety of ‘art’. This can be performing arts such as singing, a musical performance, dance, standup comedy or can even encompass TedX style sort of talks (i.e. ideas worth spreading). If you have a message or story worth sharing that will inspire or raise awareness, please apply.


How do I join a local FlirtyFridays team?

We’re always on the lookout for passionate and talented individuals to cook, perform or help orchestrate a FlirtyFridays supper club around the world. If you are driven, passionate about crafting immersive dining experiences that are second to none, know interesting spaces to host the events and are keen to meet awesome people, do get in touch!

I want to bring FlirtyFridays to my city

If you want to be a community lead and are keen to plant the FlirtyFriday seed in your city and help it grow, please reach out to us for more information about this global dining movement.