The dinner table is a lively debate, and everybody weighs in in a different way. I like that, though.
— Vanessa Kerry

What past supper club goers have to say.

"Michelle is a super connector! FlirtyFridays is not just for singles, it is for like-minded people to get together over delicious food and drinks in a convivial setting. Looking forward to the next one!" ~ ShuQi, Founder of  PR firm and women's lifestyle magazine.

“One of the best dinner parties I’ve been to: reminiscent of a home-cooked meal featuring authentic and refined, restaurant-quality dishes. I met new friends over a humanising dinner-table conversation while enjoying good wine and an artful assortment of dishes in a relaxed environment – all without being distracted by my smartphone.” ~ Christian, data scientist.

“In an era where we are 24/7 ‘switched on’, I love the fact that there is a ‘no smartphone’ policy, allowing us to disconnect from technology and truly relish the experience in connecting with like-minded individuals over a communal and authentic home-cooked meal. This a dining experience designed to inspire joy, and will no doubt leave you with a stomach, an affable smile and new contacts being made at the end of the enjoyable evening.” ~ Melody L., lawyer.

"Supper club was amazing! The food was so exquisite and prepared to perfection by the awesome Chef Michelle. The atmosphere at The Hangar was great...many thanks to Pav for the hospitality (and the generosity with the drinks!) ~ Danny F., software industry.

"Every dish was amazing and we ate everything. Great company and laughs aplenty." ~ Jay T., personal trainer.

"Awesome dinner Michelle. You know its a good time when no one knew 5 hours have gone by!" ~ Mervyn T., finance industry.

"Michelle, I had a great time last Friday over a series of healthy and tasty dishes, great wine and company" ~ Ayako K. 

"Fantastic event last Friday! Michelle, you were an amazing host, bringing many interesting people together over fantastic food and (several) wines. Can't wait to attend the next event!" ~ Matthew B., finance industry. 

"Great dinner, great company. Thank you for having us!" ~ Steve F., entrepreneur

"Amazing job Michelle! It's always so much fun! Food candy plus eye candy!" ~ Janine D., lawyer

"Dining with strangers is my new thing. I love the levity and spontaneity of topics that's not possible when there's a shared history, good and bad."  ~ May, special needs teacher.

"My social life was withering and the supper club was a brilliant way for me to dip into a new social pool and broaden my network." ~ Dev, Pilot.

“Every supper club is different. I have been to a few events already and no evening is ever the same. I have enjoyed new dishes and engaged with new, interesting people who I have become close friends with ~ Melinda T., lawyer.

“This was such a wonderful experience: meeting young, brilliant, and charming people, having a delicious meal, and enjoying a night full of laughter.” ~ Xin Z, Cybersecurity analyst

“Fantastic dinner! It was amazing and super fun! Thank you so much X” ~ Rebekah