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A Persian Feast (SOLD OUT)

  • Level 4, 522 lockhart road Causeway Bay Hong Kong (map)

This supper is special as it’ll be hosted by Rebekah as part of her annual ritual in bringing her friends together in Hong Kong over a hearty Persian feast.

So what are the origins of Persian cuisine? Much of the diversity in Persian cuisine can be attributed to The Silk Road. Expect to see an amalgamation of Far East and Middle Eastern accents, with inspirations from the eastern Mediterranean. Pomegranate and pistachios feature in Persian cuisine as they were indigenous to the region and exported. In return, traders brought in rice from India and China, tomatoes from the Ottoman Empire, turmeric from India, yogurt from Central Asia, feta from Greece, saffron from Crete, and lamb from the Arabs. You get the gist…

Customary to the way Persians dine, food will be shared family style and you can expect more “movement” in this supper club as we will encourage you to move around and mingle with others. Rebakah’s friend, Erfan, has also kindly offered to grace us with some Persian tunes on his violin to keep the atmosphere alive.

This will be a BYOB event but we will have some craft beers on the house.




Dress Code: Anything that inspires you of Persia! (o/w smart casual is fine)

Please fill out the form below to confirm attendance and the registration form. Also, please let us know if you have any allergies and food preferences too so we can cater. Looking forward to meeting you all!

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If you don't eat lamb, beef, chicken, shellfish etc. please indicate here. Also, any allergies to nuts etc.
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